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Monday, 19th February 2018 (11:04)

Coltrick Consulting Inc. has been providing safety services since 1994.


Current Coltrick Consulting employees holding the Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP)® / Professionnel en sécurité agréé du Canada (PSAC)® designation include:

- Patrick Corbiell, CRSP / PSAC


Our following 3 safety divisions have been providing safety consulting for 20 years:


General Health and Safety Divison:

    - providing a variety of safety services for the protection of workers.


Chemical Safety Division:

    - our chemical safety specialists provide help with chemical management and worker exposure.


PPE Safety Division:

    - this division provides help to workers with personal protective equipment (PPE) training and service.



We serve all industries including:


  • oil and gas
  • laboratory
  • service companies


Based in Calgary Alberta, we can serve Canadian and International clients.



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