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Code of Practice Preparation




Depending on which chemicals you have at your workplace, certain substances require a specialized code of practice.  Our professional chemist can prepare a code of practice that ensures your workers are safe each and every day.  Some of the chemicals that require a code of practice are:

   - Arsenic                    - Hydrogen Sulphide

   - Asbestos                  - Lead and lead compounds

   - Benzene                   and many, many more...



Confined Space

confined space

According to Alberta's Occupational Health and Safety Code, a confined space is defined as a restricted space that may become hazardous to a worker entering because of:

  • an atmosphere that may be injurious by reason of oxygen deficiency or enrichment, flammability, explosivity, or toxicity,
  • a condition or changing set of circumstances within the space that presents a potential for injury or illness, or
  • the potential or inherent characteristics of an activity which can produce adverse or harmful consequences within the space;


If you encounter confined spaces on your worksite, an employer must have a written code of practice governing the procedures to be followed.  We can help by preparing the code of practice, permit books and any worker training that is required.  We can also provide a safety watch and/or rescue equipment to be on standby during the confined space entry and operations.



ground disturbance 2Ground Disturbance

Ground disturbance occurs whenever soil needs to be disturbed on a worksite.  Are your workers carrying out this task safely?  We can prepare a ground disturbance code of practice that details the procedures to be followed.  We can also prepare ground disturbance permits, checklists and other field tools.  We also have trained ground disturbance specialists that can supervise a ground disturbance job to take away all the worries.



Lock Out / Tag Outlock out

A code of practice for lock out procedures is crucial in keeping workers safe.  A proper program will have procedures to successfully isolate, verify, secure and return equipment to operation.  Procedures can be developed for mechanical, electrical, piping and other systems.




respirator full maskRespiratory Protection

According to Part 18 of the current Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code, if respiratory protection is required at a work site, then an employer must prepare a code of practice governing the selection, maintenance and use of that equipment.  We can prepare a code of practice, help you select the appropriate equipment for the job and train workers on the proper use of that equipment.

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