Hazard Assessments

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Monday, 19th February 2018 (11:04)

Hazard Assessments

Part 2 of the current Alberta Occupational Health and Safety Code requires all employers to assess their work site and identify all existing and potential hazards prior to beginning work.



Breaking Down the Hazard Assessment Process

The process can be confusing to many but once you break down the different steps of the overall program it is quite manageable and very effective in reducing workplace incidents.


Step 1

The first place to start is by reviewing or creating a company wide organizational chart.  Make sure the chart includes all positions within the company (office and field).


Step 2

Using the organizational chart as your reference, you now need to compile an inventory of all jobs/tasks that can be performed by all the positions within your company.


Step 3

Formal Hazard Assessments should now be completed on all tasks from your inventory list.  Each task is broken down into steps to complete the task (be generic, no more than 10 steps).  Each step is evaluated for potential hazards and the controls that can minimize the hazard.  The risk is evaluated, considering the controls already in place, and a risk ranking is given to each step in the task.  Additional controls may need to be implemented if the risk is too high.  These are known by many names including hazard analysis, job safety analysis, task analysis, etc.

Formal Hazard Assessments are always done before any work is started and are focused on individuals and their specific tasks.


Step 4

Worksite inspections are next.  Inspections are not a hazard assessment.  They are performed once operations are underway and check whether things are working in the field and whether controls are being used and if they are being used properly.  Typically inspections are done using a checklist to make sure everything is evaluated.  If done correctly, some inspections will lead to new hazards being identified and the process can start again from step 3.


Step 5

Field level or site specific hazard assessments.  These are known by many names including tail gate meetings, pre job meetings or field assessments.  These look at specific operations or work environments on site.  They must be done BEFORE the work begins.  Typically these don’t include a risk ranking, but look at checklists to evaluate hazards and make sure all the necessary controls are in place for that job, prior to beginning the work.  These can be accomplished with a simple form, a safe work permit or other on site document.  All workers must be involved in this process.

Any time the work location changes, a new process is introduced or conditions change; this assessment must be repeated.





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