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Monday, 19th February 2018 (11:00)

Health and Safety Programs

Working with small(2-10 employees), medium(10-100) or large(100+) companies we can develop safety programs for those that need one or help refine existing programs.  Whether you are looking to obtain a certificate of recognition (COR) or small employer certificate of recognition (SECOR) or just to further your employee's safety; we can ensure your health and safety program is compliant.

Our safety professionals ensure your complete program is integrated into the culture of your organization which not only ensures the program is followed but also that it is fully supported and endorsed by all your employees.  We will not provide a "boxed" health and safety program.  We like to understand your individual organizational needs and develop a program that supports your business and moral goals.  We also ensure your entire program is fully compliant with all applicable legislation.


Having difficulty getting your safety program to be compliant or stay compliant with registry services such as ISNetworld®, Complyworks™, Contractor Check or PICS?  We can help.  Our team can handle the whole process from start to finish and ensure your contractor ratings are as high as possible, and more importantly, your employees/worksite are as safe as possible.

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