Respirator Fit Testing

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Monday, 19th February 2018 (11:04)

Respirator Fit Testing...


Occasionally workers need to be protected from various airborne hazards at the workplace.  We perform qualitative or quantitative fit testing applicable to the chosen protective devices you are using.


Quantitative Fit Test (prices as low as $75 per test, group rates available)

Quantitative mask testing utilizes a particle counting device to measure the concentration of microscopic particles that exist both inside and outside the mask.  This establishes a numerical fit factor for the respirator and user.  The results are immediate and deliver either a Pass or Fail.  This test can be used for almost all respirators including half and full face masks, PAPRs, SCBA and more.

Quantitative mask testing can deliver "Fit Factors" up to 10,000.  It is important to know the fit factor so your employees are properly protected and know what hazardous concentrations they can safely work in.


Qualitative Fit Test (prices as low as $50 per test, group rates available) 


Qualitative mask testing is a pass or fail result based on the subject being able to detect a taste or odour while wearing the mask.  The results are immediate but there is no numercial number attached to the test.  A pass results in a "Fit Factor" of 100 being applied to all types of masks.  If workers are working in low concentrations, this fit factor may be enough to provide adequate protection.





All tests are compliant with "CSA Z94.4-02 Selection, Use and Care of Respirators".


As per the appropriate standards, it is recommended that all employees be fit tested on an bi-annual basis (or sooner if major changes to the facial area have occurred) to determine effective facial seals.


All tests come with a wallet card showing proof of testing and the approved respirator type and size.


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